Data Security & Tokenization

Data Security, including
Encryption & Tokenization
We’ve Got You Covered

IES provides our clients access to the most recognized, respected, state of the art processing services, solutions, and technology available in the market today. Our list of providers, partners, and affiliates are a veritable “Who’s Who” in Financial, Technology, and Innovation (FinTech). As such, these solutions employ industry best practices that meet or exceed compliance requirements.

Best Practices include:

  • Truncation of Payment data
  • Utilization of strong cryptography/encryption technology
  • Tokenization

Adoption of security protocols, as outlined by their PCI Scope include:

  • SSL/TLS, SSH or IPSec to safeguard sensitive cardholder data
  • Employ vulnerability network testing and scans
  • PCI Assessments and audits

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Expand your core business model and generate an additional revenue stream by integrating your Software, SAAS, Cloud Service or Proprietary Technology and Partnering with IES.

An IES specialist will consult with you to determine your business and customer needs, pain points, and goals, ensuring the best fit and solution for you.

We offer a wide array of integration methods. Our well documented, robust APIs provide flexible integration to one or more of our solutions. Thereby ensuing you stay focused on growing your business with our quick and easy integration and user deployment.

We will guide you through the process from A – Z and introduce you to ways to reduce your PCI footprint, risk, expense, and more.

Tokenization is available as a part of the integration methods offered and is highly encouraged. This is useful when a developer or software provider does not want to undertake the security requirements of storing card data.

If tokenization is not utilized, other measures must be met to ensure PCI requirements are met for items such as PAN. However, tokenization reduces your PCI Scope as no card data is stored in your application or software.

Reducing your PCI scope can reduce your risk, lower the cost of the PCI DSS assessment,  and lower the cost and difficulty of implementing and maintaining PCI DSS controls.

For our Clients and Partners looking to integrate to one or more of our solutions or platforms, IES is Integration Made Simple.

**Information sources include Wikipedia and PCI Security Standards Council


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